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Falling Text – After Effects tutorial

I am currently in the middle of a course called Adobe Generations – Digital Animation, that I am doing through the Adobe Education Exchange. One of my assignments was to create a project within After Effects that shows some animated text.

I had some basic knowledge already of how to scale, position and change opacity of text, so I wanted to learn something different. I had the idea of falling text and popping text. I came up with this.

Both ideas actually came from the presets that After Effects come with. If you browse presets in After Effects, it opens up in Bridge and gives you a whole lot of really cool animations and examples that you can put straight into After Effects. I wanted, though, to know how to do these manually. So after some trial and error, I worked it out.

For the tutorial, see the video below. Be kind, it’s my first tutorial. I know I made some mistakes, but I corrected (or pointed out) hopefully all of them.