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Creating Simple Composites in Photoshop

With my older students now practised in selecting and deleting backgrounds, I now wanted to show how you can copy that image and paste it on a background image. My example here is deliberately very simple, but it shows the basic technique.


Selecting and Deleting Backgrounds in Photoshop CC

Once my older students had finished doing their Lower Third projects, they had a basic understanding of how layers worked. Now – to have fun with it! I want the students ultimately to come up with their own composites, but I wanted a lesson for them to practise using the selection tools, to adjust as they went, so they could end up with a character on a transparent background (layer). For this, I chose superheros as the theme. I started with Superman – a very easy image with a clean white background. I then showed them how to do the next one – Batman – when your background is a little more challenging. The students loved this, even though some of the other pictures were quite challenging.

The video below details how I modelled the skills in Photoshop.

Teaching PhotoshopMix to younger students

In my media arts class, it was all about composites. While the older kids were being introduced to Photoshop on the desktop (more of that in the next post) I still wanted the younger kids to create the same kind of effect on an iPad. Enter PhotoshopMix, a fantastic free app from Adobe that does just that.

In this video I go through how I introduced the app to the kids, with some tips and tricks. The example was putting a student inside a computer monitor.