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Making a Ball Bounce in Adobe Animate CC

Introducing a massive industry standard program always has its challenges when dealing with younger kids. But my rule of thumb is to never dumb down to the kids, and keep instructions and activities simple and to the point.

Adobe Animate CC (previously called Adobe Flash Professional) is such a program. The kind of thing that I see animators and programmers do in Animate blows my mind and is way beyond my humble skills.

So, in that respect, it makes me the perfect person to teach Animate CC since I am only skilled in simple things! That’s ok, I’m a simple fella.

This project is adapted from the (curiously silent) tutorial I found by Pharkpoom Wisedsri at I’d like to think mine is a bit better since I talk through it and also mention where students can go wrong in doing the activity.

Let me know in the comments if this is something you want to try with your students! The file I begin with, I am making available here as a download if you want to follow along.