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Special News!

And – just in – a day after I launched this website, the good people at Adobe told me that I have been successful in my application to become an Adobe Education Leader.

So, an Adobe Education Leader is very much like an Adobe Campus Leader, but with a lot more expectation that you will deliver training to your school and beyond with Adobe products. Its an elite group of educators from around the world who have a passion for Adobe and are actively training and using the tools in their classrooms and inspiring others to do the same. A few perks that go along with it, doesn’t hurt either.

So very excited about my newly minted, promoted role as Adobe Education Leader. Can’t wait to see what lies ahead!


My First Post – Hurray!

Hello everybody. Great to see you’ve found my little corner of the internet and great that you’re reading my very first post.

I’m assuming you found this website because you’re interested in Adobe tools.

OR, you’re an educator;

OR, you’re an ICT educator;

OR, you’re an ICT educator interested in Adobe tools.

Hence the name of this website, My Adobe Classroom.

I don’t pretend to be any kind of expert in any of these amazing apps that Adobe has put out. I do claim to be a high level dabbler in all things Adobe. I’ve played with most of the apps at some stage. If pushed, my favorite app is Adobe Lightroom, but I also especially love playing with Photoshop, Muse, InDesign and Captivate. I also use the iOS apps Adobe Voice and Adobe Slate a fair bit in my classroom.

So a bit about me. My name is Joel Aarons. I’m a K-12 teacher at Bentleigh West Primary School, a government school in Melbourne, Australia. I am also the ICT coordinator there. It’s my passion to inspire and instill creativity in my students using digital tools – primarily Adobe tools which I have been, as I say, a dabbler, for quite a long time.

My hope is to create a blog/website that is a mixture of tutorial videos that come from me and also ones curated from around the web to put all in one place. The focus is Adobe tools to use in classroom settings, but you can easily pick up skills – teacher or not – watching these videos.

There is a whole page dedicated to my history of working with Adobe – so I’ll simply say there are many places around the web you can find me.

  • My twitter is @mrjoelaarons. Please follow me!
  • My LinkedIn profile is here.
  • I have a YouTube channel – so far in it’s infancy – but you can find it here.
  • I am an Adobe Campus Leader. If this is a program that sounds interesting to you, click here to find out more.
  • I am also an Adobe Education Trainer. If this is a credential that interests you, click here to find out more.
  • I play around on the Adobe Education Exchange a lot. Click here to find out more (it’s free to join!) and click here to see my profile and follow me. There will be plenty of cross posting between there and here.
  • And you can reach me through this website using the contact page above.

Through this blog I will be offering all kinds of tutorials, tips and tricks, and lesson plan ideas for using Adobe tools in the classroom. I also will be posting about various Adobe engagements I will be attending as well as any workshops or presentations I am asked to go to.

This will be a hell of a ride. I hope you’ll join me on it!