About Me @ Adobe

My name is Joel, and I am an Adobe tragic. Oh, you wanted more? Ok, fair enough. Here you go.

I started off, like many, an amateur Adobe enthusiast. I had dabbled in most apps – and used them in varying degrees.

Last year (2014) I heard about the Adobe Education Exchange – a free place online that networked educators from all around the globe, in every conceivable capacity. Not only was it possible to network with like minded teachers and how they used Adobe in the classroom, Adobe offered numerous free online workshops, courses and certifications all aimed at educators. These were my people.

I took full advantage and signed up for the Train the Trainer course. At the end of that, I became a certified Adobe Education Trainer. This gave me access to resources, templates, lesson plans and ideas to start creating my own Adobe training.

During last year, I connected with Tim Kitchen, the head of Adobe Education in the Asia Pacific region. Through him, I was able to present (via the internet) briefly at an Adobe conference overseas in California on the work I had done with the (then new) Adobe Voice app. That was particularly thrilling to hear educators from the other side of the world – LIVE – responding to my work.

I also helped Tim out at an ICT conference we both attended – the Ignite, Innovate and Integrate Conference held at Kingswood Primary School. Tim was there as a keynote speaker, speaking to creativity and using Adobe apps to inspire students. He also did a workshop on Adobe Voice, which I unofficially helped out at.

Early this year (2015), again through Tim, I was offered the opportunity to go down to Grimwade House – Melbourne Grammar, The school was holding a student ICT conference for the grade fives, and I was there to workshop how to use Adobe InDesign to create posters in the classroom. This first real training opportunity was such a joy and success, it definitely led me to want to do more.

Grimwade House - Melbourne Grammar

Grimwade House – Melbourne Grammar

 More recently, I was recommended to become an Adobe Campus Leader. A Campus Leader has more opportunities to be part of the Adobe education world by being invited to special events, having access to more resources and more ideas. Soon after I was awarded the ACL status, I was invited to go to Adobe Melbourne Bootcamp, which gave me a day to connect, learn with and learn from other Adobe Campus Leaders and Adobe Education Leaders.

Adobe AEL and ACL Bootcamp (2015)

My school, Bentleigh West Primary School is looking to update and upgrade it’s ICT profile in a big way. By being an Adobe Campus Leader, I hope to lead the way to what is possible to inspire students to be their creative best. It’s going to be a long hard journey, but I know that with the skills and the people in the Adobe community I have met, the future looks very sunny indeed.



  1. Shelleen Avery

    This is really impressive Joel. Thanks for sharing.


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